OKCKC Code Of Ethics

Oklahoma City Kennel Club, Inc.

Code of Ethics

1.  I will abide by the by-laws and policies of the Oklahoma City Kennel Club and the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club, including the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.

2.  I will at all times conduct myself in a manner designed to protect the best interests of dogs, the fancy, the Oklahoma City Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.

3.  I will at all times treat my fellow club members, cluster members and exhibitors with respect, courtesy and dignity.

4.  I will encourage and advise new members and newcomers to the fancy to the best of my ability.

5.  I will consider the welfare of my breed and the Oklahoma City Kennel Club when engaged in any activities involved in breeding, exhibiting, training and selling of dogs and will refrain from any activities which would be prejudicial to my breed or to my all-breed club.